If your recently engaged, here’s a few things to ponder. I am married and have experienced many weddings through my photography so here are 10 tips to get you started!


Insure that rock!

Most people don’t think of this but engagement rings can be very very expensive. The last thing you want would be to lose your ring or it get damaged and you have to foot the bill. At least this way you are covered for any sudden circumstances


A helping hand

It’s common knowledge that as enjoyable as organising your wedding is, it is also stressful. Delegate certain tasks to your partner or family members that are not of significant importance or tedious tasks that will take up too much of your time.

Pick a date

A date can be extremely quintessential when it comes to the wedding or it can be not so for some. You need to first establish a wedding date so you can book the vendors you want well in advance, otherwise you may miss out.


Drop outs

Account for drop outs. I tried to tell my wife that on average 10-20% of the guests will either reply with a not attending/can’t attend or will conveniently drop out after you have paid for heads. Ideally you could have a back-up list of possible as a just-in-case scenario.

A fruitful engagement shoot

Getting an engagement shoot done can be very fruitful! Not only do you get to test out a photographer, you get images to use for invitations and social media.  When you book me as your photographer, I offer free engagement shoots – win for you.


Beware of packages

We live in a digital world where wedding albums are easy to make. If a photographer does not do just a digital package, look elsewhere. If you aren’t interested in one, don’t pay for one. They are just as easy for you to do yourself and much more fun for you and your husband or wife to sit down over a bevvie and reminisce over the perfect day that you both created. 

Who is coming?

Determining how many guests will ultimately decide how big of a venue you will need.


Don’t rush but don’t be so chill!

I know it can be an extremely important time for you when it comes to organising your wedding day. It is a moment in a person’s life that they live for. Take your time to really think about the major factors when booking vendors for your wedding. At the same time, you don’t want to be so relaxed that it just pops up and you have a mental breakdown two weeks before the wedding. Ideally set up a timeline of when things need to be booked and paid off.

Credit please

Now this is a touchy one, I am not a financial planner so do not take financial advice from me but I was given this handy tip for my wedding. If you can control your financials, get a credit card which has a rewards system. Most are either linked with some sort of travel rewards which you could eventually pay for flights or accommodation with at no extra cost to what you were initially going to outlay. My wife and I eventually paid for half of our return flights to Tahiti! A handy little saving.




Please, if there is one thing you do, do not pay in full when booking a vendor. A few brides and grooms I have come across have been ripped off by paying the full amount to a vendor and never hearing from them again. All reliable vendors will only ask for a deposit and then full payment a week or two out from the wedding or just after the wedding. Most will ask for a 50% deposit, I only require a 25% deposit.