Wedding Day – Julie & Alan

September 20, 2018
I’m always excited when I am contacted for wedding photography because the couple are interested in my astrophotography. They had a fondness for the night sky and I couldn’t have been more excited as they had left some time aside during the reception for the shots.




We met for the first time during our initial meeting overlooking their future ceremony location. We discussed the day’s proceedings and how everything would work photography wise. There was never a tense moment, both easy going and just generally happy. Having such a relaxed couple allows the photographer to relax and express their creativity during the day.


The big day had arrived and I could not believe my eyes when Julie appeared to be more relaxed. “This cannot be!” I proclaimed. She truly was, or at least appeared that way. However relaxed, Julie was still very organised. We got some fantastic shots of the bridal preparations – general smiles and chit chat, champagne, flowers, rings, jewellery and much more. One last wave before we seen Julie walking down the aisle.



The groomsmen and groom on the other hand were nowhere to be found. True to form, the gentlemen left it to the last minute but still got the gear together and dressed within the timeframe specified. A few casual laughs with the boys followed by a cheers with a bevvy and it was time for action.



Julie was stunningly beautiful as her father guided her down the aisle to Alan.

The vows were said, sealed with a kiss and we went a grabbed some fantastic shots along the beach. The ladies did awfully well considering the sun had just moved beyond the buildings and was casting a shadow over the beach, to say it was cold is an understatement. 




Just after the mains, we snuck off for a few night photography shots featuring the Milky Way. The moonlight made it extremely difficult but we were able to extract the Milky Way. We also grabbed a few great compositions of them standing under a light post on the beach and then having their own beatles moment as we walked back to reception.

The speeches had to of been some of the funniest I have ever witnessed. I was in hysterics, truly.

The first dance was beautiful as was the whole day. Thanks guys for letting me be part of an amazing day. I wish you all the happiness in the world.


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